Michael Arthur is known among his peers as a multi-talented musician who has worked with the best in the business.

After years of gigging and working in the background he has finally taken a step of faith and written and produced his own 100% original album.

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Michael is joined by Barry Haggarty on guitar (former guitarist for Ronnie Hawkins), Don Reed on fiddle (numerous Dwight Yoakam projects), Al Brisco on pedal steel guitar (regularly plays with Carroll Baker), Steve O’Connor on keyboard (Blue Rodeo), Andrew Affleck on bass and Ken Post on drums.

Although his CD will be in the Country-Pop genre, Michael is respected by professionals he’s played with as a musical chameleon, being able to fluently sing a comprehensive variety of styles including classical, blues, rock, pop and folk. And to prove he loves a musical challenge spent 2009 and 2010 fusing African djembe and bongos with a classic rock band.

He also served as a National Judge for the Covenant Awards, judging music by artists such as Brian Doerkson, Jars of Clay, Down Here and many others.

Thanks to all who made my big night a success! ~ Michael Arthur

Pictures from Cobourg concert, September 2013.